Food Intolerances

We have taken on board the food issues which many of our clients are suffering so we have developed a small range of foods to help those suffering from a gluten intolerance, or a dairy intolerance, or garlic and onion intolerance, or a fructose intolerance.  These foods are based on the simple philosophy that nutritious food can taste great and should be enjoyed, but are made without either gluten, dairy, garlic or fructose to help you with your lifestyle.  This range of food can easily be identified by our green labels.

We believe everyone should be able to choose delicious food that supports a healthy and active lifestyle. Whether its about eating more variety, having more of your 5 a day, avoiding dairy, avoiding gluten or gluten and fructose, but without the loss of flavour – we have a product for you.

  • Three Cheeses, Leek & Fennel – gluten free
  • Vintage Cheddar, Broccoli & Onion – gluten free
  • Summer Tart (delicious mix of capsicum, zucchini, tomato, potato, herbs and cheeses) – gluten and fructose free
  • Winter Tart (a warming mix of sweet potato, mushroom, zucchini, broccoli, cheese and chilli oil) – gluten and fructose free
  • Beetroot & Zuchinni Burgers – gluten free and vegan
  • Rumble-de-Thumps (a lovely vegetable bake full of flavour, herbs & spices, great for your five a day) – gluten free
  • Chocolate & Pistachio Cake – gluten, dairy and soy free
  • Lemon & Polenta Cake – gluten free
  • Chocolate Slice – gluten free
  • Triple Chocolate Cup Cakes – gluten free
  • Lemon & Blueberry Teacake – dairy and egg free
  • Apple & Almond Cake – dairy and gluten free

And don’t forget our lovely range of relishes and dips are also gluten free!







  1. After having your beautiful gluten free Tartless Tartlets from Point Lonsdale Market, we would love to buy the product once we return home from our holidays. Do you have your own stall at Coburg Farmers Market?

    1. Hi Sue, we are so pleased you enjoyed our Tartless Tartlets, sorry for the delay in replying but it seems your message got lost in spam unfortunately! We no longer attend the Coburg farmers’ market but our tartless tartlets are available from Sunnybrook in Ormond and we may be returning to the Essendon farmers’ market once they are back at the normal place. Check our website or Facebook for notifications of market attendance.

      Best wishes, Angela

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