Steal some time back …..

Bored with supermarket food?  Don’t have the time, energy or inclination to cook but want to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful meal?  Then feast your eyes upon the Hidden Secret range to steal some time back, simply pop in the oven, heat and enjoy!


Large Vegetarian Tarts                                              $20

Medium Vegetarian Tarts                                          $15

Individual Vegetarian Tarts                                       $6

Large Rumble Tart                                                      $20

Medium Rumble Tart                                                  $15

Individual Rumble Tart                                               $7.50

Beetroot & Zucchini Burgers (Vegan & GF)              $8

Pumpkin & Chickpea Burgers (Vegan & GF)            $8

Large Rumble-de-Thumps                                          $20

Medium Rumble-de-Thumps                                     $14

Large Lasagne                                                               $20

4 Pack Individual Tartless Tartlets (GF)                  $10

Medium Tartless Tartlet (GF)                                    $8

Large Tartless Tartlet (GF)                                         $20

Pumpkin & Mushroom Wellington (Vegan)               $14

Pack of 2 Savoury Rolls x 2                                          $6
(two varieties)

Pack of 4 Savoury Rolls x 4                                          $12
(two varieties)


Large Frangipane Tarts                                                $20

Medium Frangipane Tarts                                            $15

Chocolate Brownies (box of 2)                                      $5

Chocolate Brownies (box of 5)                                      $10

Slab of Chocolate Brownies (20 pieces – can be         $42.50
left uncut)


Grandma Dot’s Tomato Relish 300g                         $9

Grandma Dot’s Tomato Relish 1kg                            $20

Grandma Ellen’s Beetroot Relish 300g                     $9

Grandma Ellen’s Beetroot Relish 1kg                        $20

Grandma Lillie’s Lemon Curd 300g                          $9

We also have a range of Meredith Dairy cheeses and yoghurts available
along with a selection of farm fresh veg!

*Savoury Tart Flavours:-   3 Cheeses, Leek & Fennel  –  Vintage Cheddar, Broccoli, Onion, Tomato & Italian Herbs  –  Pumpkin, Silverbeet, Couscous & Chevre  –  Pumpkin, Mushroom, Silverbeet & Feta  –  Winter Tart  –  Summer Tart  –  Mushroom, Leek & Feta

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