Month: November 2012

Simple Christmas Shopping this Year!

Need help with your Christmas shopping?

Struggling to find a gift for the person who has everything, or that person who is just too difficult to buy for?

Well why not give them a “Hidden Secret Hamper”?

Packed with flavour and taste, this will satisfy anyone from your baking granny to your BBQ mad husband/brother/grandfather, actually, just about anyone who loves food and cooking!

Hampers can be ordered by email at or by phone 5281 9258, and can be collected from your local market.  Hampers are also available on Farmhouse Direct (

Hamper contains:-

300g Organic Beetroot Relish

300g Grandma Dot’s Tomato Relish

300g Lemon Curd

300g 9 Fruits Fruit Mince in Grand Marnier

100g Moroccan Spice

Just $46!


Another Oldey but Goodey!

Maude Fidget Tart

Originally a harvest lunch dish which was in danger of becoming a distant memory, we have decided to revive it with a modern Hidden Secret twist!  A handmade Hidden Secret tart case filled to the brim with a multi-layered combination of apples and onions caramalised in butter, Goldfields Welshman Reef blue cheese, herbs, garlic, Meredith Dairy yoghurt and mustard, this tart packs a flavour wallop that is sure to please.  Serve with a lightly dressed salad and baked chat potatoes & thyme, and you have a perfect vegetarian Christmas lunch on a plate, mmmm…..irresistible!

Quintessential Christmas Treat – Plump & Juicy Fruits Laced with Grand Marnier

If you enjoy a traditional mince pie over the festive season then give yourself a treat!  Our 100% vegetarian luxury fruit mince laced in Grand Marnier is available once again (no additives, no preservatives and no fillers – totally natural), but be quick, there is only a limited supply.  Moist, tasty, scrumptious, mmmm the smell of Christmas in a jar!