Farmers’ Market at Osborne House in Geelong – Sunday 17th June

We have been invited to take part in the first Farmers’ Market at Osborne House, Swinburne Street, North Geelong on Sunday 17th June.  Why not pop along, we’ll have all the usual goodies, savoury and sweet tarts, rumble-de-thumps (gluten free), beetroot & zuchinni burgers (gluten free), pumpkin & chickpea burgers (gluten free), organic beetroot relish, Grandma Dot’s tomato relish, lemon curd (all gluten free) and of course Meredith Dairy marinated goat cheese, yoghurt and chevre!

Make it a great day out and visit the Antartica Exhibition, celebrating Mawson and 100 years of Australian Antartic Expeditions.


  1. i only just stumbled across this. I am very disappointed that i missed the Osbourne House market. Please come back!!!!

    1. Hi Steve

      We would love to come back to the Osborne House market, it is a beautiful location, but it’s all in the hands of the Council, fingers crossed they think it is a viable idea, we do and so do the customers that did find us! We will let you know if we get good news that the market is on next month!

      Kind regards.


      1. The market at Osborne House has been granted a six month trial by council and it will run on the third Sunday of each month. So by all means come along and help to grow this market into something special in Geelong, Thank You, Brian Dunn

    2. Hi Steve….you haven’t missed out…..Osborne House has the go-ahead for the next 6 months….so next market is Sun 15 July, then 3rd Sunday each month til Christmas…..cheers Susan

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