Maldon Christmas in July Festival 2012

Seeing as Christmas is so much fun we’ve decided we will have two this year!  Also, having spent so much time in the UK, we can’t quite get used to a sunny, hot Christmas, so a trip to the Maldon Christmas in July Festival is a must!

This year we have decided to take part in the festivities and will have a stall at the night market in the centre of Maldon, so evocative of a European Christmas market, on Saturday 14th July from 3.00 pm to 8.30 pm.  We will have all our usual delicious goodies, including savoury tarts, sweet tarts, rumble-de-thumps, mushroom and pumpkin wellingtons, beetroot & zuchinni burgers, organic beetroot relish, Grandma Dot’s tomato relish and good old fashioned lemon curd, to name but a few!  We will also have available hot tarts and delicious homemade soup to keep the cold at bay!

Come along and join in the fun, visit the beautifully decorated shops, check out the market for the fresh produce, wine and craft stalls, the amusement rides for the kids and live music playing throughout the evening, finishing off with the lighting of a giant bonfire and fireworks whilst banishing any winter blues by sipping on some gorgeous homemade soup or biting into a lovely savoury tart with Grandma Dot’s tomato relish, mmmmmmmh delicious!

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