Yummy, yummy with sausages in my tummy!

Are you fed up with plastic vegetarian sausages?  Me too!  So I’ve been busy over the holidays coming up with new ideas for vegetarian food and we are pleased to announce our new veggie sausages to accompany our extremely popular burgers!

First off we have the simply succulent Vintage Cheddar, Thyme & Chive sausages  –  tasty and crisp, bursting with flavour and, if it is at all possible, even more scrumptious served with salad and Grandma Dot’s Tomato Relish!  Or, for those lazy holiday or weekend mornings when you can relax over brunch, why not treat yourself to a good old English (or Aussie?) cooked breakfast with eggs and baked beans …. so delicious!

 Then we have the simply scrumptious Oregano, Feta & Pesto sausages, a slightly more grown up sausage, crispy and packed full of flavour and a touch of zing, delicious served with salad and vegetables alike!

Perfect for your Australia Day BBQ!



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