Month: June 2011

Our Latest Tasty Dishes!

At A Hidden Secret we are passionate about redefining contemporary non-meat cuisine by experimenting with original and surprising flavour combinations.  Our food challenges the bland, uninspiring misconceptions about vegetarian and vegan dishes, so we are pleased to introduce you to our Pumpkin, Mango & Walnut Puff and our Shepherdess Tart.

The Pumpkin, Mango & Walnut Puff is a blend of pumpkin cooked in spices mixed with mango, sage, onion and walnuts, wrapped in a vegan pastry  –  deliciously spicy!  (Vegan)

The Sherperdess Tart is a spicy blend of peas, tomatoes and leeks topped with a buttery, herby mash in a handmade shortcrust pastry  –  fabulous comfort food for the long, cold wintery nights!

Our meat-free cookery delights discerning palates of all tastes, whether vegetarian, vegan or committed carnivore!

Come and try it!


Membrillo – Quince Paste

We know you love our Beetroot Relish and good old Grandma Dot’s Tomato Relish, so we thought we would tantalise you with our latest product  –  Quince Paste or Membrillo as it is known in Spain.  Our quince paste is rich and firm textured and a delicious accompaniment to  cheese, just serve it sliced or cubed.  If you like the sweet and sour combination of foods you will love this.  It is an absolute winner with chevre!  We’re even told it goes well with pork  –  a new take on apple sauce!