A Hidden Secret


Cherry and Christina founded A Hidden Secret back in 2009 with the sole aim of creating really delicious, top quality vegetarian and vegan dishes, putting in all the love and attention that you would if you were to cook them yourself.  Today A Hidden Secret is truly a family business, keeping Cherry, Christina, Tom, and Thomas and one other talented staff member, Christine, from the local town very busy on the savoury side, and Angela & Paul busy on the naughty but nice side of the business with decadent cakes and slices!

In recent years we’ve noticed that many of our friends really struggle to find quality time to spend with their partners. Something always gets in the way, whether it’s kids, work or chores.

So, we came up with a range that’s specially designed to steal back some time together. And people seem to really like it. So turn off the phones, dim the lights, crack open a bottle and enjoy a wonderful night in over some really lovely food.


  • Harvey’s of Highton, Highton, Geelong
  • King Broccoli, Bannockburn
  • Wen & Ware Gift Shop and Café, Ballarat
  • Goldfields Farmhouse Cheese, Ballarat
  • Country Gourmet Foods, Ballarat
  • Surfcoast Wholefoods, Torquay
  • Peach’s, Torquay
  • Torquay Larder, Torquay
  • Weekend Local, Euroa

To contact us please telephone Cherry on 0400 141218 or email to hiddensecretinfo@gmail.com

Business Address:

14 Perdrisat Road
Victoria 3331






  1. Discovered you today in OG farmers market. Beautifully presented food, delight to serve up. Looking forward to more treats next month.

  2. Bought a leek and fennel flan from you at Daylesford farmers market. Utterly delicious, my husband and I ate the whole thong in one sitting, it was just so good! Hope to see you at the next Daylesford market. Do you go to any other markets in the general area ?

    1. Hi Louise, we’re delighted you enjoyed the three cheeses, leek and fennel tart you bought from the Daylesford market! We attend quite a few markets each month, but the closest ones to Daylesford are Talbot which is this coming Sunday and Trentham which is on Saturday week. We will most definitely be coming back to Daylesford market each month. Wilsons in Ballarat also stock our produce if you ever find yourself that way? If there is a particular tart you fancy picking up from a market just let us know and we’ll put it aside for you!

  3. I cannot believe how good your food is!!!! Just had the Pumpkin, Mushroom and Feta tart last night. Yummo. I don’t get down to the surfcoast enough but wondered how often you deliver to Sunnybrook in Ormond. I live in Sandringham. I wish I could order online from you. I would stock the freezer with all your goodies.

    1. Hi Jacqui, thank you, we’re delighted you like the food! We only deliver to Sunnybrook as and when they order, but we have been given the details of a delivery company who we will be contacting this week with a view to possibly being able to do a form of mail order, but will let you know once we’ve been able to sort something out. Do you know our product range or would you like us to send you details of the range that we do? Alternatively if you would like to order a range of items and collect them from a market if you are due to be down this way, we can make sure everything is packed ready for you.

      Kind regards, Angela

      1. Thanks Angela. I would definitely be interested in mail order. Would also like to see the product range please. Do you post that or email? I’ve also just spoken to Allison at Sunnybrook and she said if I emailed her a list of products I wanted she would look into it 🙂

  4. Hi Jacqui, if you could let me have your email address I could forward you our product range, unfortunately the message to our website does not give your email address. Best wishes, Angela

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